Freemasonry whats it all about imagemeeting masonsIf you are interested in becoming a Freemason we advise that you first talk to a family member, friend or colleague whom you already know to be a member. They will be able to explain some of the workings of Freemasonry and help you find a suitable lodge to join.

If you don't know anyone who is already a member please get in touch with us through our contact form.



The only essential qualifications for admission to Freemasonry are:

  • That you have a belief in a "Supreme Being". This means that you profess a religious faith. Freemasonry is not restricted to certain faiths. Freemasons meet all over the world and embraces men of many differing religions.
  • It is usual for candidates to be "mature men of 21 years and over", but in some circumstances younger candidates between the ages of 18 and 21 can be admitted - this is especially true in Lodges belonging to the Universities Scheme.
  • That you profess allegiance to the Sovereign of your country and all that the Sovereign represents.
  • That you are willing to strictly observe the Laws, Regulations and Constitutions of Freemasonry.
  • That you are of good character and are prepared to uphold the Civil and Criminal Laws of any country in which you may reside, either temporarily or permanently.
  • That you have the full support of your partner and family.

You can download additional information about Freemasonry to read at your leisure: click the link or image on the left to download the brochure "Freemasonry:What's it all about?"

You can also watch a selection of videos about Freemasonry on the United Grand Lodge of England Video Hub.


Joining a Cambridgeshire Lodge

As mentioned above, the best way to join is via someone you already know. However if you are not in this position you can enquire via the Provincial Office, details below. For such applications we are usually only able to respond for persons who reside within the Masonic Province of Cambridgeshire. The Masonic Province of Cambridgeshire does not cover all of what would now be regarded as Cambridgeshire and excludes Huntingdonshire & Peterborough (which are part of the Masonic Province of Northamptonshire & Huntingdonshire - but does include Newmarket.

You can write to us or phone us at the Provincial Office:

  • Freemasons Hall, Bateman Street, Cambridge CB2 1NA
  • Tel:  01223 471586 (answerphone)

or fill in the contact form.