On the 30th April, 2017, The Cambridgeshire Light Blues Club had their launch event.clb 1

Brethren, family, friends and prospective candidates all came together to meet at Bateman Street, Cambridge for the event, meeting new friends and joining with old ones.

Some 12 months previously, the committee members, W.Bro. Pete Wheeler, W.Bro. Lee Wilson, Bro. Gavin Philpott, Bro. Karl Doddimeade, Bro. Shaun Rawlinson, Bro. Paul Dunham and Bro. Graham Clapperton gathered together with an idea. Since then, with the assistance of W.Bro. Brian Elliott, the Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies and W.Bro. Jon West, the Provincial Grand Mentor, they have planned and created the CLB, the Cambridgeshire Light Blues Club. It was very quickly decided that the CLB was not going to try and be a replacement for an individuals’ Lodge, but instead, a social meeting group for those newer to Masonry, along with families and friends, to meet and potentially bring along prospective candidates to enjoy the social side of Freemasonry.

W.Bro. Pete Wheeler, Chairman of the CLB, gave a presentation to a full room explaining how the Light Blues came together. He then went on to discuss levels of membership within the CLB, both Member and Supporter. Members will be all those with a Light Blue apron – those newer to Masonry.

As was explained, supporters will be the more experienced Brethren, who have been given the honour of Provincial or Grand Rank.

They will not be able to hold office within the CLB and will not be organising events, but it would be a shame to not include friends and supporter with our events. Highlighted was also the Badge that both Members and Supporters can wear, a jigsaw piece surrounded by Light Blue for the Members and darker blue for the Supporters, signifying that each member is a single jigsaw piece, but when we come together, we offer each other support and friendship, making us stronger.

clb 2

This is how the CLB committee came to choose the tag line, ‘Connecting and Supporting Masons through Cambridgeshire’.


The CLB was honoured with the attendance of the Deputy Provincial Grand Master, V.W.Bro. John Sheriff, who explained to all his views of the importance the support the CLB could offer newer members. In particular, he stressed how new friendships could be made and how families would also be included with as many events as possible.




clb 3


W.Bro. Wheeler presented the DepProvGM with a Supporters badge in front of the group, thanking him for the support he has offered while forming.








clb 4Next to be presented was that of the ProvGDC, W.Bro. Brian Elliott, who has been one of the main drivers for all of the committee during the planning stages. Without him, they would not be where they were now. Finally, the ProvG Secretary, W.Bro. Pat Kilby was also presented with his Supporter’s badge, thanking him for his support and help, getting the CLB started.







Bro. Gavin Philpot, Treasurer and Events planner, went on to give an explanation on events, asking those in the room what events they would like to see in the future. Rather than a question and answer session Bro. Gavin instead gave out sheets, encouraging those who attended to speak to someone they didn’t know and talk through some ideas and write them down. In no time at all, the room was a buzz of conversation, forming friendships and greeting new ideas.

clb 5

clb 6










It was explained to those in attendance that family and friends would be included as much as possible with the events of the CLB. In addition, inviting prospective candidates to meet along may also help with future friendships and support. In addition, showing prospective candidates a window into how Masons are and the fun side of Masonry.

To date, the CLB have the following events booked:

clb programme1


Each Lodge within Cambridgeshire is encouraged to identify a representative, to allow the easier flow of information from committee to all brethren. If your Lodge has yet to identify a CLB representative, each secretary has all the details or please contact our CLB Secretary, Bro. Paul Dunham on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

There will be regular updates on several social media formats and a website is in production, which will allow for further information to be shared.

Twitter logo blue 16 #CambsLightBlues

facebook logo 16 The Cambridgeshire Light Blues Club


W.Bro. Wheeler then thanked all for attending the launch and supporting the CLB. To finish the evening, all were invited to share tea and cakes, with a special Cambridgeshire Light Blues cake expertly cut by our DepProvGM, John Sherriff.

clb 7clb 8



All brethren within Cambridgeshire are welcome to join the CLB, as either a full member or supporter respectively. Membership will get you an identifying lapel badge and invites to all CLB events.
If you are not able to meet a committee member in person, membership can be gained online, joining the CLB on Facebook or via the website, www.Lightblues.club and paying the membership fee, a one off charge of £10, via PayPal.

clb 9

The Committee of the CLB wish to thank their members, the Provincial Executive and all those who attended for their support on the launch evening. If you were not able to attend and would like further information, please look at the website for details of see the information supplied from your Lodge representative, Twitter or Facebook.

Pete Wheeler